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Rails & Drives


All rail systems are interchangeable on all operator motor heads. Choose any rail system in the product line.

Rail Type: Steel, One-piece Interchangeable Integrated T-rail, C-Channel or I-Beam Drive: Full Chain or Steel Reinforced Belt, Factory Pre-Tensioned Trolley: Lubricated Nylon, Steel Core, No Lubrication Needed, Quiet Running, Maintenance-free

7′ Rail Systems

Shipping Dimensions

GDO7CHAINT 7’ Chain Drive T-Rail 123”x3.2”x1.6” 17 lbs.
GDO7BELTT 7’ Belt Drive T-Rail 123”x3.2”x1.6” 14 lbs.
GDO7CHAINC 7’ Chain Drive Channel Rail 123”x3.5”x1.4” 18 lbs.
GDO7BELTC 7’ Belt Drive Channel Rail 123”x3.5”x1.4” 16 lbs.
7CI 7’ Chain Drive Commercial Duty I-Beam Rail 123”x4”x1.6” 29 lbs.


8′ Rail Systems

Shipping Dimensions
GDO8CHAINT 8’ Chain Drive T-Rail 135”x3.2”x1.6” 19 lbs.
GDO8BELTT 8′ Belt Drive T-Rail 135”x3.2”x1.6” 16 lbs.
GDO8CHAINC 8’ Chain Drive Channel Rail 135”x3.5”x1.4” 19 lbs.
GDO8BELTC 8’ Belt Drive Channel Rail 135”x3.5”x1.4” 17 lbs.
8CI 8’ Chain Drive Commercial Duty I-Beam Rail 135”x4”x1.6” 33 lbs.


10′ Rail Systems

Shipping Dimensions

GDO10CHAINT 10’ Chain Drive T-Rail 160”x3.2”x1.6” 21 lbs.
GDO10CHAINC 10’ Chain Drive Channel Rail 160″x3.5”x1.4” 22 lbs.
GDO10BELTC 10’ Belt Drive Channel Rail 160″x3.5″x1.4″ 19 lbs
10CI 10’ Chain Drive Commercial Duty I-Beam Rail 160”x4”x1.6” 41 lbs.


12′ Rail Systems

Shipping Dimensions

12CI 12’ Chain Drive Commercial Duty I-Beam Rail 184”x4”x1.6” 49 lbs.


14′ Rail Systems

Shipping Dimensions

14CI 14’ Chain Drive Commercial Duty I-Beam Rail 208”x4”x1.6” 57 lbs.


Product Manual: Parts Explosion-Belt and Chain T-rail

Product Brochure:  11mm Belt Spec