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amy's old door

Amy’s old door was old and rickety. Not only did it not keep the cold out in the winter, it wasn’t very secure.

See Amy’s new 10’2” x 8” Safe-Way 551 Full Vision Ventana Door with insulated glass in anodized aluminum door below.

Amy Needed A New Door


Amy from Tympanum Press, in Goshen Indiana, operates her typesetting printing company in a building that only has alley access.  The large main door was ancient, and the small windows let in little light.

 “I contacted three or four area garage door companies. Although they all seemed OK, the Safe-Way Door Ventana stood out because of the look (She wanted something to match her turn of the last century industrial look), the price, but most importantly because of the dealer”.

Amy says that she connected immediately with Megan – the retail sales and customer service specialist at the Safe Way Door dealer in Columbia City, Indiana.

“Safe-Way just seemed to be a better fit for me than the other dealers.”

She now has plenty of light while running her presses and the soft natural light is better than artificial light when judging colors and tone values of ink on paper, which is pretty important in her work.

amys new door
Amy chose the Anodized Aluminum finish because she wanted to match the industrial feel of both the inside and outside of her business.
Amy chose the plain insulated window glass to let as much pure light in the building as possible.
The installation of Amy’s new door was done quickly and professionally by door service professionals that have installed literally 1000’s of doors. They got it done quickly and as importantly, right the first time.